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'Diana is one of the gifted few who genuinely has the ability to immediately help you feel at ease, to connect with your energy body.. feel where the emotional blocks are and begin to clear them so that you feel a sense of lightness .. connection and that the ability to feel the full potential of who you are .. is possible. Eternally grateful and excited for the next session !!'

Victoria - UK

'I was so confused about where to put my professional skills that I was unable to do anything constructive. After a 'soul activation'-session with Diana I was crystal clear about the way forward and fully motivated to take appropriate action. Diana's quiet guidance was a great gift!'

Beatrice - USA

'A soul-activation-session with Diana is a real gift to give to yourself; such a beautiful, gentle yet powerful experience. Diana holds the space as though she were physically in the room with you – she is very clear and very present. When Diana asked me if I had any questions beforehand, I realised I knew what we would be working on, as I had been connecting with that energy for the week before the session. We went back to a past-life memory which was still the source of a lot of grief for me, and that was cleared, and then I was reconnected with who I was in that lifetime. I was asked if I was ready to bring forward gifts that I'd had then into this life, and when I said I am, I was given visions of what those had been and etheric tools that had been mine in that life, to work within this one. All the while Diana was getting a clear vision of what was happening and I was sensing and seeing some of it too. I was told that I would soon be able to access memory of those gifts, which feels very exciting"

'The first time I met Diana was many years ago on a retreat near Fort William, Scotland.

I felt drawn to her and I think the feeling was mutual. I have followed Diana’s life from a distance and when the chance came up to have a soul activation session I asked for an appointment. Not sure what to expect and how it all would work I waited to be contacted via Skype by Diana. We had a little chat about the session and started. I was pleased and pleasantly surprised what a clear channel Diana was and is. My session gave me conformation of some aspects of my life and an insight of things to come.

What happened will be ongoing for days, weeks, months to come and I look forward to connect with Diana again in the not too distant future.'

Joke - Scotland

Clare - UK

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