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welcome to our offerings page, feel free to contact me if there are any questions.


A soul portret is an activation art piece or 'portal' to one or more of your soul aspects, spirit guides, higher self. soul family or star origin. It will help you to stay attuned en stay in resonance with this being that is here to help or guide with a certain soul calling in this incarnation..

The way I work: I require a good photo of you, and speak and connecting with you and your higher soul aspects. We will see which part wants to come forward to be depicted. Sometimes You already know or feel this being, or feel its presence very clearly. You can also give me description, but there will need to be an artistic freedom in order for me to take the commission.

Your image may be part of a book called ' HIDDEN PEOPLE' which I am working on to assemble. The book will be a reference guide and help others in their awakening . It is part of my soul mission to do this.

costs: I charge 155 euro per portret excl. a reading or channeling . This will be paid in advance through PayPal. 

You will receive a high res digital image, that is only for personal use.. If you wish to use it commercially this needs to be discussed beforehand and depending on the project an additional price will be calculated.

If you would like an additional Soul activation session

including a soul portret , costs will be 220 euro for a session + portret.

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