Online Soul Activation Session                                          


A Soul Activation is in itself an alignment or agreement with your Higher Soul. Certain parts of your soul may be calling you at this stage of life to remember or reactivate a certain talent or calling. That which you agreed upon when you incarnated. Or it can also be that it`s time to release certain old trauma, or patterns. And it can also be a combination of all the above.

It can help clarify certain aspects in your life and help you to move on and evolve. working with the subtle realms we can address different soul aspects from different natures and different time lines. Often a certain pattern runs throughout many times lines and off planet ones too. Your soul origen often has been in other star systems and has knowledge and remembrance which ankers in your cellular structure (light codes). It`s quite common that during a session you might feel certain parts of your body move. Also activating certain body part thought you star heritage will help to contain more light in your physical body and be more connected to source.

All is done though your higher Soul and all of the agreements you have made to learn certain lessons. 


Me, I consider myself a guide and mentor, connecting you to your soul part and guiding you where you need to be. During a session I am in a co-meditation state and see or feel where you are at. You are doing all the work yourself!


A soul activation session can:

* Clear and release old patterns and Karma from this and past timelines

it will give you more insight on" why" certain things happend and what your life lessons are.


*Activating your Higher potential, A soul part of Higher frequency might come in to help you evolve to the next stage of your life .


* Help to activate your talents into healing, Arts channeling ancient knowledge


* Release old pains in your body (when it`s in alignment)


* Receiving information, symbols, scrolls from the akashic records


* Help you to remember who you where in other life times which can serve this one.

* Make you become aware of your multi dimensional aspects

* Activate your Souls path


* increase your intuition, your level of peace and joy.


* Help you to contain more light in your physical body.

* to feel at home, to ground and connected


* to join in on life and really live it to the fullest.


Method: The session consists of a coaching part and a large part, channeling of energy and some coaching at the end. As a guide I will make a connection with your higher self(s) and accompanying guides. They indicate what is not in balance or may be activated. I sometimes translate the energy that comes through into words, but this can also be sounds, singing, or in silence. An energetic gate is opened, making the energy visible and workable.


You often feel where the energy is working in your body. we both enter a meditative state and intuitively feel or see where the energy is headed. There is usually also a shift in your energy body, which can also be felt in some places in your body. This can still be felt for days afterwards. Your energy body needs time to integrate all of this. ​ We can address with the certain soul parts like: Totem animals, power animals, lemurian Mu beings, atlantis, akashic records, star beings, light councils, angelic beings, light language, sacred geometry, ascended masters, native american, tribes, medicine women, symbols, isis, maria magdalena, maria, Jezus, ascended masters, nature devas and elementals.

During the session I always check how you are doing, safety comes first. I check which sensations you feel, see or hear. So there is a healthy attunement from me to you. At the end of the session it can sometimes feel like you are waking up from a deep sleep. We take the time to discuss the changes that have taken place for you.


Basically for anyone who is open to this. And has a good awareness of their feelings, thoughts and intuition. It is not a regular way of counseling but just that little bit extra, you actually immediately go into depth and pick up the things that are really relevant to you within a considerably short time. In particular, this way of working works well for highly sensitive people, as they are already more open to this technique. Or for people who are in a spiritual/emotional process, and who are more open or feel blocked. But also for people and children who feel, see or hear a lot intuitively, but who would like to develop themselves more.