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Soul  Activation sessions
Soul Star portrait & Light Language

Lemurian Lightcodes Art

Soul activations sessions
& Soulstar portraits 

My name is Ailana, I am an intuitive guide and mentor for sensitive and awakend people. I have developed an intuitive modality where I work together with my and your higher self (soul aspects) and spirit teams and work together to realign you to your souls essence and guidance. This can include clearing of old energies, trauma´s emotional blockages, energy boosts, physical improvements, remembering of ancient gifts and talents and activating them. feeling lighter (activating your light body).


I facilitates 1:1 sessions online and in person since 2019 , and makes artistic impressions of your soul guide, higher self or star relative. I have a PHD in Lifedesign, coaching & councelling and have been a professional illustration artist for 17 years. 


For starseeds: we can help you to ground and anker your higher frequency based selves in your body, integrate soul fragmentations and helps to clear or resolve trauma. Ailana has an extensive knowledge of different starbeings and works with an extensive team. 

  • Clearing of energy blockages

  • (emotional, mental, spiritual)

  • re-connection with spirit team & guides

  • re-activation of soul aspects (higher self)

  • remembering your talents & gifts

  • remembering your soul purpose

  • activation of starseed self through light language

  • re-connection with your star families 

Soul star portraits & Starseed portraits
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