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Welcome back beautiful soul

Ever wonder why you didn',t fit in or why you feel alone, perhaps disconnected. Are you starting to wake up and see how the universe is connected through you and working with you, giving you messages. Do you feel There is more to life than just work. Congratulations, you are just on the brink of rediscovering your soul, your multi - talented- multidimentional being that is one with all. Are you curious to know more about who you are, and what your talents are, your healing abilities, your channelled artwork, your gifts to share into this world, to manifest your dreams.

an online or life Soul activation session                                                                

A soul activation session is an energy reading and healing. In itself an alignment or agreement with your Higher Soul or self. When you are ready for your next step. which you are if you arrived on this website, we will work together with your highest aspects and spirit guides to see which parts may be healed, activated, or cleared of traumatic or toxic emotions, and basically remember you are a source being and integrate this in your fysical body. We always work with the body as wel as your mind, heart, spirit, and source of all. we ground ourselves in the beginning of our session.


A soul activation session can:

* Clear and release old patterns and Karma from this and past timelines

it will give you more insight on" why" certain things happend and what your life lessons are.


*Activating your Higher potential, A soul part of Higher frequency might come in to help you evolve to the next stage of your life .


* Help to activate your talents into healing, Arts channeling ancient knowledge


* Release old pains in your body (when it`s in alignment)


* Receiving information, symbols, scrolls from the akashic records


Diana is a multi dimensional Healer/reader/councillor and Artist.

I give one on one online Soul activation sessions, Group activations, readings, I make Soul portraits , multi dimensional artwork and conscious books and educational material for children.



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